The Full Proposal

The proposal for a Troubled Lives programme is not new. It has already been presented by the Public Service Transformation Challenge Panel (Bolder, Braver, Better, 2014) and the Institute for Public Policy Research (The Condition of Britain, 2014). It was referred to in HM Government’s Autumn Statement (2014) and in the 2015 Budget.

There is learning from the Troubled Families Programme and a series of pilots, the latest of which is BLF Fulfilling Lives.

A Troubled Lives programme can’t succeed as an isolated, one-off initiative. It is not of itself a strategy. Its impact would be limited to a relatively small number of people and might not be sustained. Wraparound measures are needed to prevent others with multiple and complex needs from slipping into this core group. These include actions to promote their effective and appropriate use of mainstream public services.

Framework’s proposal Simple Change for Troubled Lives calls for Five Actions that do amount to a joined-up strategy. They combine intensive, long-term help for 60,000 individuals in the greatest need, with related measures to assist a larger group of at least 150,000 (more according to some studies) whose lives are also affected by multiple and complex needs.

Framework is seeking cross-party agreement on a centrally directed but locally implemented strategy based around these Five Actions.
These Five Actions are the key components for a national Troubled Lives Strategy:

  • Support people using tried and tested solutions
    • These most of these solutions are available and should be available for home medications and traditional set up too, such as a natural remedy. These victims may be suffering many injuries and other harm and we needed to help them get the right first aid treatment in preventing the worst thing to happen.
  • Amend the rules on access to health and social care
    • More than the available healthcare units, medicines and products should also be available to the public so as to attend to their needs in a timely and more efficient basis.
  • Invest in specialist housing
    • It is not just their needs that we need to attend to but most especially to where they will be staying at amidst those medications and cure. So, a home for all of the homeless needs to be focused
  • Make welfare work for people living troubled lives
    • We cannot be able to provide for them all of their lives thats why they need the livelihood more than ever to provide them with their needs without getting too dependent on the government
  • Join up policy where it impacts on troubled lives.
    • Overall, we needed to come up to a policy that will seal up all of our goals and vision in this program.

The rationale for each and the linkages between them are set out in the full proposal.

Please help secure cross-party agreement to win a better deal for people living troubled lives: